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bmm - Testimonials, Recommendations and Partners


“I’ve known bmm for several years and have the highest regards for them as pure professionals.  bmm's’s track record of success is impressive by any standards and this is down not only to their determination but their sound business acumen.  bmm is known for their ability to turn loss making businesses around and deliver sustainable profitable growth.  You can approach bmm with a specific business scenario and they will give an unbiased neutral recommendation that you know will be the right solution.  If you want help with your business bmm are worth speaking to!”

Director of Sales


“bmm has a very clear focus on business development and has the ability of putting the customer at the heart of the organisation.  bmm has a very straight forward approach to business and has the ability to drive that approach through the organisation.  If the organisation and it’s culture needs to change bmm will not hold back from driving that change for the good of the business.”

Finance Director


“bmm with their experience and business know how has been instrumental in helping me identify key business areas that needed to be addressed in order for my company to develop and grow.  bmm was able to identify key business risks and implement a plan to address them.  bmm’s recommendations helped me to step back and prioritise what was really important for the future of the company.  In addition, bmm helped in key areas of business development that would give the company the platform to grow to its next level.  I would highly recommend bmm to anyone who is looking to develop their business or who is looking for someone as a sounding board for bouncing ideas off.  bmm’s straight forward approach to business was invaluable!”

Managing Director


“bmm is an inspirational business leader.  bmm always has a clear vision of where he wants to take a company and then has the ability to get the whole company, including the management team, all pulling in the same direction.  bmm's no nonsense approach to business is exceptional! 

Chief Marketing Officer


"bmm was instrumental in developing the relationship at the highest level between our two organisations. bmm fully understanding the consumer market, understanding the significance of the retail sector and particularly CPW’s leading position, drove his team to create the right product propositions which enabled our two organisations to drive significant growth together. bmm ensured not only the right products were developed for us, but that the commercial proposition made business sense for both parties. In addition, bmm made sure the highest quality account management and resources were in place to give clear focus to us. We achieved significant success and doing business with bmm was a pleasure."



"The difference between success and failer can be a good website and bmm helped us develop a great website, the key to this was a great Website template. Don't understimate the power of a great website.



"I had the pleasure of working with bmm and was constantly impressed by the focus, drive and ability to overcome problems under pressure. bmm were always available to support and allow me to benefit from their breadth of experience gained at all levels of the industry. A first class coaching company who is able to get the most from everybody and who enjoyed very productive relationships with people at all levels of the business.  bmm are exceptionally results orientated and constantly driving for business improvement.  If you get the chance to work with bmm - Do it!”

Robert Pryke Head of Retail, Samsung



“Working with bmm is challenging and rewarding.  bmm are an extremely driven organisation who are never contented, always looking for new business opportunities and the best way to fully exploit them. bmm’s no nonsense approach to business is refreshing.   I would highly recommend working with bmm.”



"I first met bmm when he asked me to join a company in a new senior management team as CTO in late 2005. bmm quickly gained the respect of the entire team demonstrating his strong management skills, something that was even more important within our organisation given the associated challenges of the turn-around we were embarking on. bmm's direction, transparency and drive ensured that as a team we were always unified, motivated and challenged to deliver stretch goals.

Chief Technology Officer


Recomendations and Partners...

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