‘Adding a Non Executive Director to your Board could be the difference between.......success or failure’
bmm - Non Executive Director
‘I started at the bottom at worked my way to the top!....Now I help people and businesses get there too’

Non Executive Director Services…..

Non executive directors can be an invaluable addition to any business, whether a small enterprise with one or two directors or a multi-national with a significant board of directors, the addition of expertise and experience is often the difference between a strong or weak board of directors, which in turn can mean success or failure of the business.

Non executive directors will have a wealth of business experience and have already proved themselves and so will be a positive contribution to your business. The non executive director may have experience in a particular industry, field or discipline. They may have already acted in the capacity of a CEO or a senior director and already demonstrated that they are experts. Often non executive directors have handled specific business scenarios that your business maybe facing or need help in, such as scaling, restructuring, refinancing, a merger or acquisition.

In addition non executive directors often hold positions on a number of boards and so have a wealth of business exposure that can be leveraged, provided there is full transparency and no conflicts of interest.

Non Executive Director - Benefits include:
1. Adding specific experience to your business - Sales, marketing, financial management, product development, online, export.
2. Bringing a network of new contacts - Helping to develop new customers or maybe attract new investors and funding.
3. Fresh thinking - Enabling new ideas to develop.
4. Independence - Assist with non emotional objective decision making.
5. Communication - Facilitate strong dialogue and business discussions.
6. Corporate governance - Ensuring your business is legally compliant.

Fundamentally your business can have access to business talent at a fraction of the cost because they're not being employed full time. Most non executive directors will work one or two days a month for your business and you will only pay them for that time, plus expenses. In some instances a share in the business maybe appropriate.

At bmm we have access to highly experienced senior executives that can provide a non executive director service for your business on an interim, contract or permanent basis. 

For the latest 2013 IOD factsheet on the role of an executive director see 2013 Factsheet.

New Website Consultancy Service…..'Top Tips'

We aim to give you some top tips to help your online business get off to a good start, nothing complicated, but simple steps that can save you time and money.

Top Tip - No1 - Domain Names June 2015
Most people come up with their business name which is a good start, but then what domain name should they select? Well you can't beat the power of brand and if you have a great name then protect it. If you're an Irish business then there is only one domain to choose first, a .ie domain shows that your Irish, legitimate and mean business. You will need some documentation to substantiate your claim, but the small amount of extra work is will be worth it. You can then go about protecting that name by registering others domain extensions to prevent anyone passing-off your brand. Registering the .eu, .co.uk, .uk and the .com would be a recommended.

Top Tip - No2 - Mobile Responsive Website July 2015
Now your thinking of investing in a webiste or maybe upgrading your existing website. The first rule is don't cut corners here, all statistics show that mobile search is becoming a significant percentage of visitors to websites and so you need to ensure the experience is good for all visitors no matter where they originate from. This is where a mobile responsive website comes in, no matter what device the visitor is using the web pages dynamically adapt and become easy to read no matter what screen size is being used. In addition, the visitor from a smartphone for example no longer has a mouse so will require a touch screen friendly web page, larger buttons and easy links to select. This is where a good website design is really going to make the difference. Most website builder products offer mobile responsive templates, but you may need to get the advice of a specialist web designer.

Top Tip - No3 - Comin soon